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Construction Simulator – Gold Edition is now available!

Construction Simulator»April 4, 2024
Construction Simulator
Construction Simulator - Gold Edition

Under the motto GET TO WORK., we are pleased to announce the release of the most comprehensive Construction Simulator package today. The Construction Simulator - Gold Edition includes the main game, all Year 1 Season Pass contents as well as the Kramer Pack!

The Construction Simulator - Gold Edition Release Trailer is available here:

Construction Simulator - Gold Edition

With the Construction Simulator - Gold Edition, construction enthusiasts get access to a huge selection of construction machines to work their way up from a small construction worker to a huge construction magnate. In addition to the main game and all of the contents of the extensive Year 1 Season Pass, the Gold Edition also includes the Kramer Pack and thus offers access to more than 100 officially licensed vehicles, machines and equipment from 28 world-famous brands and manufacturers on three large maps.

In addition to the main game, the Construction Simulator - Gold Edition also includes the following DLC contents:

  • Spaceport Expansion: Opens access to a South American map and huge campaigns to build a rocket launch base, including the associated infrastructure and a futuristic research center
  • Airfield Expansion: Adds a new campaign to the US as well as the EU map of the game - the construction of an airfield
  • JCB Pack: Brings 6 construction machines from the British manufacturer into the game
  • SANY Pack: Provides access to 15 machines from the Chinese manufacturer
  • Kramer Pack: Provides access to 3 machines from the German manufacturer
  • Cosmetic Pack #1: Provides access to two additional safety goggles, helmets and ear protection items for the player character
  • Cosmetic Pack #2: Adds six additional designs for the player characters' helmets in the character editor
  • Year 1 Season Pass Helmet: Exclusive helmet for owners of the Year 1 Season Pass

What are you waiting for? GET TO WORK.

Your Construction Simulator Team


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